National dream over

Well, 9 rounds into the season and we’re admiting defeat, as hard as that is. It’s not that we’re terribly uncompetitive, it’s just that we’re not where we’d like to be and the last meeting at Ringwood showed that. The car was working well, we didn’t think there was anything left to come from it and we were still off the pace we’d like to be. We don’t expect to win every week and win the world final but unless you are on a steady midfield pace at least, then it’s hard going and not the most fun in the world.

A quick look round the pits these days shows what you’re up against in this sport, no expense spared cars which turn up in huge coaches and lorries with plenty of cash behind them. With what we’ve got we do a good job, it’s just that what we’ve got is a severe lack of money, no new tyres, the front brakes from an old Escort hot rod that raced at Newton Abbot back in the 80’s, the carbs from a rally car in the same era… and the list goes on. At least we can say we gave it a go but now we are going back to the more domestic racing at Bristol and the Incarace Central Hot Rod opens, where we can have some fun. Who knows, we may be back again if we receive a large cash injection or next weeks lottery numbers but until then we wish all the rest of you the best of luck.

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