Ringwood Round 9

We arrived at Ringwood around lunchtime last Saturday and were surprised to see the pits already half full with lots of teams taking advantage of the extra afternoon practice session to set-up their cars for the evenings racing.

The #262 car looked dreadful in first practice until a tweak on the brakes improved things somewhat although a troublesome mid-corner misfire wasn’t helping things. With that problem rectified before the third run things were looking much better and with the car looking fairly dialled with its new springs and damper settings we returned to the van and some heat before the evenings racing got underway.

Race 1 and Brian had drawn a mid-grid start; it was evident that some of the faster cars were going to come through at the start though. Their performance simply incredible but with the field still bunched behind the leader, Colin Gomm, Brian was able to stay in touch with the pack and fend off #210 Hughie Weaver in what was a near race long battle to take 14th at the flag.

After a hasty turn-around #262 was again out on track for race 2 and another mid-grid start. Brian held the inside line this time but couldn’t prevent the faster drivers blasting round the outside and although he was still holding down a top 15 place ahead of Burgess, Marriot and Blood, Brian pulled off as the race leaders blasted by to put him a lap down.

Unfortunately in slowing down to pull off the track Blood didn’t take into account the difference in speed and clipped the front corner of #262 as he went past sending him into the barriers but only damaging the outer rim and front right wing of the Loram Peugeot.

With well over 20 cars due to start the final the decision was taken to load the car up as it seemed there would be no way to hang onto a points position for the longer 35 lap final, the car simply not being fast enough.

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