Nationals are back!

National hot rod racing was back with a bang at Birmingham this week as a massive 34 car entry provided exciting racing throughout the evening.

Afternoon practice was busy for the #262 team as the new rear brakes were run in and adjusted as well as set-up adjustments to the dampers and camber settings which did improve the car throughout the afternoon practice. Meanwhile Brian did his normal trick of pulling out a front row start out of the hat for heat one.

With the split heats around 20 cars took to the track for our first heat of the night and Brian ran with the leaders in 4th place for the opening laps. The performance seemed to drop slightly after a few laps though while eventual race winner Thompson, Bentley and Holtby relegated #262 to 7th by lap eight. The only other cars to overtake were Carter, Simpson and Blackman as Brian brought the #262 car home a safe tenth, less than 6 seconds away from race winner Thompson at the end.

Starting near the back in heat two Brian got turned around in the first corner which caused a complete restart. With a good start #262 moved up into 12th place before some more position in the early laps before losing a couple spots then being needlessly spun onto the infield by the already lapped #221 car of Neil Reeve. Fortunatly the car was again undamaged and Brian could rejoin and finish the race in 15th place to pick up another point.

From pole position in the final #262 remained outfront for an impressive eight laps before the performance just started to fade a little and Brian found himself relegated to fourth place.

Another 10 laps later though and #262 was still holding a great fourth place on lap 18 before a number of the fastest cars began to slip through, Brian still holding onto 15th at the of 35 laps though to collect a well deserved point. Had the speed not dropped off slightly in the second half of the race a top ten would have even been possible but the team is still very encouraged by the showing and work is already underway to sort out a few handling problems for the next outing which is Ringwood on saturday the 18th March.

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