National Round 6

Birmingham Wheels was host to the sixth round of this years world qualifying series and with this being a saturday night meeting the team decided to head to Birmingham early and use the afternoon as a test session ahead of the meeting.

On a dry track various changes were made to the car before going back to our original set-up! The car was handling well though and Brian had drawn pole for race 1 so hopes were high for a good result. With incredible timing though the rain started coming down just before the cars were due to line up for race 1. There was much frantic discussion and looking down the pits saw everyone else in pretty much the same situation as ourselves, car up in the air on jacks and no idea what tyres to go for! In the end we opted for slicks all rounds which several others had gone for although just as many had gone for full wets or a combination of the two, it was anyones guess what was going to happen in this one!

Race 1 – As the cars lined up on the grid our tyre decision was looking worse and worse as the weather worsened. Off pole Brian dropped back on the visibly wet track but a combination of smooth driving and a very wide line brought the #262 car home in 9th place, just ahead of #141 Rob Hadfield in a very close race.

The conditions were just as unpredictable for race two. The track had dried considerably but it had again started to rain very lightly. Taking this into account we went for slicks on the outisde and wets on the inside for race 2.

Race 2 – Starting from 15th and last position in this heat the only way was up! At the start Brian was able to settle in behind the #904 car and the pair slowly picked off places throughout the race, first relegating #221 Neil Reeve before catching and passing #55 Tony Goodsir, towards the race end the pair caught up with the battling #2 and #85 cars, into the last bend and Stuart Carter spun in the #85 car, Brian taking the advantage and moving through before getting a good exit off the last bend and just missing out on passing the #2 car of Ken Marriot as they crossed the line side by side in the race for 11th.

Final – With #111 Mark Baines not in attendance the #262 car lined up on pole for the final alongside #303 Matt Simpson. From the rolling start Simpson was able to take the lead into turn 1 with Loram slotting in behind, just in front of #141 Rob Hadfield and #75 Nigel Steward. Lap three and the #141 and #75 cars found a way thorugh but Brian looked strong in fourth, staying there for a number of laps with only #639 Ricky Hunn for company. Lap 10 and the #639 car moved down the inside but #262 was still in a strong fifth as they started lap 11. It all went wrong however as Brian spun on the entry into turn 1, with so many cars on track it was lucky there was no further incidents as #262 was sat in the middle of the track before reversing out of the way and onto the infield. With so many cars on track it was impossible to rejoin for a great deal of time and any hopes of a result had gone so it was race over.

So, round 6 of the series is now behind us and with round 7 also to be held at Birmingham in two weeks time it will give us a good opportunity to make some changes to the car ready for next time out.

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