Second at Ipswich!

Round three of the 2005/06 World Qualifying series was held at Ipswich on saturday 11th Septmeber. A shower during practice had left the track conditions looking fairly tricky for race 1 with tyre selection very difficult. We chose to go full wets but others had gone for 2 wets / 2 slicks and some even on all slicks.

Race 1 – As the cars went out on track it was anyones guess who’d made the right decision but after the first lap it was clear wets were the tyres to have. The 262 car worked it’s way up from 14th on the grid and quickly made it into the top 10 before making it into the top 6 and being displayed on the LCD top 6 score board for the first time! It was around half race distance by this point and the next group of cars had managed to build up a lead but the 262 Peugeot soon reeled them in and passed Thompson, Weaver and then Boardley for third. By now the crew were beside themselves, half wanting the race to end now, half wanting it to carry on for another 20 laps! However, with the laps counting down attention turned to the 2nd placed car of 291 Mike Thurley, could he be caught? Yes was the answer as Brian swept round the outside on the final corner to take 2nd at the flag, what a race and what a result!

Race 2 – After the highs of race 1 Brian reported he didn’t really care what happened during the rest of the evening, this was just as well as the team made completley the wrong choice on tyres, again going for full wets but by the time the race had started the racing line was virtually dry. Brian did about the most sensible thing he could which was pull off and keep the tyres and car in one piece for the final.

Final – With our current 20th position in the points chart we had pole position for the final. With a dry track the racing was fast and the 35 laps flew past! After running second for the opening few laps Brian began to slide down the order, mainly having problems with the handling of the car in turns 3 and 4. Despite this the car looked to have a good pace over a single lap with a final result of 16th place.

So, that was round 3 done and it’s Ipswich again in 2 weeks time for round 4. With no major damage to repair we’ll be working on improving the car and hopefully going even better next time out.

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