National Round 2

The second round of this years World Qualifying series took place on bank holiday monday at Hednesford Raceway.

Race 1 – Very changeable weather conditions saw the team change from slicks to wets and then back to slicks then finally deciding to race on a combination of the two as the rain came and went.For the first few laps it looked like this was the correct decision but soon enough a dry line appeared and Loram dropped to the rear of the pack. Then, after several laps of falling away from the pack a similar situation occured as we encountered at Ipswich as car and driver picked up pace and began to close in on the other cars, eventually working back to 11th by the flag and claiming the teams first race points.

Race 2 – With a completley dry track and a better starting position things were looking good for race 2 and for many laps the 262 car ran in 5th place but as the race wore on the handling began to deteriorate which saw the car drop down the field but importantly remain in the points in 11th place at the finish.

Final – Due to our current joint 20th place in the standings we started the final on the 2nd row alongside fellow south west driver Ralph Sanders. The race had to be restarted after a couple laps had been completed when Hunn’s 639 car got together with the 111 car of Baines resulting in heavy damage to the TT. From the restart Brian was immediatly putting the erratic 16 car of Uden under pressure for 2nd but was unfortunatly spun onto the infield and although he was able to rejoin it was in last place and outside the top twenty. For the next few laps the 262 car began to close in on the pack but as soon as Brian was in a position to overtake he got another huge knock in the bottom bend, the hit was large enough to turn the car around so it was facing the oncoming pack of cars. Brian quickly jammed the car in reverse (reporting this to be the only time the car has ever gone into reverse first time) and preceeded to reverse round the rest of the corner and onto the straight, somehow managing to avoid all the other cars and then spin onto the infield out of harms way. It was a great piece of driving which no doubt saved a huge accident but it was still disappointing to be taken out twice in the same race by moves which would have been more in keeping with the banger race which followed. Fortunatly damage to the car was limited to a bent wheel, shock and some light panel damage, all of which is being repaired as you read this!

So with Hednesford behind us and some more points in the bag we next head to Ipswich for Round 3 with much confidence.


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